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Saving Money on Provo Apartments

Here are some tricks that have helped me save money on rent in the past. This actually comes from an article I wrote a while ago, but with new ideas. Look over them, see what you think and then contact me if you have any ideas of your own.

  1. Start early. If you start looking early you have more options and can get better deals. Do notwait until the semester is about to start when things are full. Do this and you will be at the mercy of the apartment manager.

  2. Always ask the manager if they give group discounts. (most do). Sign as a group, if you do not have a group try and form one. Even if you are not moving in the same room, sometimes just moving into the same complex is enough.

  3. Look for students who are selling contracts. Sometimes students who really want to get out of a contract will give a sweet deal. Check our contract page, check the WilkBoard (BYU bulletin board), the Daily Universe, UVU NetXNews, Craigs List, facebook, etc...

  4. Find out all the details. Sometimes there are hidden fees or high utilities prices. Sometimes you have to buy a parking permit or pay for internet. You can always talk with a few current tenants to get an insiders view.

  5. Do a quick check of the apartment websites. Sometimes they have printable deals or offers. Likewise, call and ask them if they have any specials. If you act early you will often get specials.

  6. Check the apartment ads in local newspapers and the published housing guides (you will find these on campus). If an apartment is offering a special price, they need to give it to you.

Hopefully, these are some ideas to help you find cheaper housing. Please contact me if you have an idea that can be added to this list.


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