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BYU Housing Fair - 2011-01-03
BYU housing fair Housing Fair - January 19-20

Saving Money on Provo Apartments - 2010-07-24
Here are some tips to save money on Provo apartments

Summer is great for Provo housing - 2010-01-15
Summer is not here yet, but you may want to start thinking about a sweet summer deal

Watch out for hidden apartment fees - 2009-02-09
Here are some questions to ask to to avoid getting stuck with hidden apartment fees.

New Semester, New Pictures - 2008-08-29
I'm happy to say that we've added tons of new apartment pictures!

How old is your ward - 2008-04-13
Now will give average ages for Provo apartment complexes.

BYU housing moves fast - 2008-04-05
Make sure you find a place for the fall ASAP. Housing in Provo fills up fast.

Getting deals in groups - 2008-02-16
If students buy together, contracts are cheaper.

BYU housing fair - 2008-02-13
February 13th and 14th BYU is having their housing fair.

How to save money on books at BYU - 2008-01-10
Use the BYU bookexchange to save money on books.

Merry Christmas - 2007-12-20
May you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

A picture says 1000 words - 2007-11-09
Please help out future students and submit a picture.

Finding affordable housing - 2007-10-08
Here are a few simple tricks to save some cash on your college housing!

Site Changes - 2007-09-06
Yes, it was another great day of change.

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